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Cataract Surgery
pic04We have the longest experience in phacoemulsification cataract surgery in Wake County. This is considered the best technique for clear cornea, no-stitch cataract surgery, and we do this with topical anesthetics on an outpatient basis. The operating surgeon provides both pre-operative and post-operative care. We do not offer payments or reimbursements of any type for referral of patients.
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GlaucomaWestern Wake Eye Center has an extensive glaucoma practice providing medical and surgical treatment including laser and incision surgical treatment. Glaucoma is a condition with an array of presentations and diagnoses. The most common type of glaucoma is chronic simple glaucoma or open angle glaucoma and is characterized by intraocular pressure that is too high…Read more


Dry Eye
Western Wake Eye Center, P. A. is a Dry Eye Center of Competency and Capability. Dr. Fleming has diagnosed, treated and effectively cured hundreds of patients with dry eye syndrome. He is a scientific advisor to TearScience and was instrumental in helping to develop their unique LipiFlow treatment. This is the best technique for treating evaporative dry eye and is available at Western Wake Eye Center P.A. as well as the diagnostic tool of LipiView. Additional diagnostics as well as further treatments such as punctal occlusion are available as needed. If you are plagued by dry eye syndrome please call us and see if we may help you. Read More

We have over a 20-year history of laser treatment for problems ranging from glaucoma to diabetic retinopathy to central retinal vein occlusion treatment.
Cosmetic Surgery
Blepharoplasty, which is eyelid surgery, is also provided in addition to Botox injections, as needed for cosmetic benefit. We also provide surgical repair for eyelid disorders resulting from ectropion, entropion, lid trauma, and eyelid tumor. Read more
Emergency Care and Treatment
We have 24-hour on call availability for emergency care and treatment of trauma to the eyes.
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Refractive Surgery
We have provided refractive surgery of all types for over 20 years. The operating surgeon evaluates Lasik surgery patients and we do not relinquish the care in the post-operative course to any referring physician.
Routine Care
We also provide routine eye care to patients who feel they are doing well but want the specialized care and knowledge of an ophthalmologist.
Contact Lenses
Western Wake Eye Center, P.A. fits all types of contact lenses from daily soft lenses to disposable soft lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses and keratoconus lenses. Our guarantee for contact lenses and contact lens fitting is second to none. We guarantee the contact lenses or we will exchange them and make it right. Additionally if your contact lens power changes while you have unopened boxes of soft contact lenses we will gladly exchange any box of soft contact lenses that were purchased at Western Wake Eye Center, P. A.
Optical Shop
We have on site an optical shop for the convenience of the patients where the best quality lenses are available and the shop is staffed by a state certified optician. Visit our Optical Shop.