Glaucoma is a condition with an array of presentations and diagnoses. The most common type of glaucoma is chronic simple glaucoma or open angle glaucoma and is characterized by intraocular pressure that is too high for the health of the optic nerve. What makes glaucoma so dangerous is that you cannot feel high intraocular pressure and there are no symptoms such as blurred vision, pain or sensitivity to light. This is the reason that everyone should have regular routine visits with an ophthalmologist and those over age 40 should have a visit every two years and those over 65 should have a visit every year. The early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma can lead to a lifetime of good vision and no loss of vision due to the glaucoma.
Less common but still a frequently seen condition of glaucoma is that of narrow-angle glaucoma. It is important for this to be discovered to prevent an acute attack of narrow-angle glaucoma which causes a painful loss of vision and is easily prevented and controlled by a timely diagnosis and treatment with laser peripheral iridotomy. There are other less common types of glaucoma which are typically only diagnosed by an experienced ophthalmologist.

Dr. Fleming has an extensive glaucoma practice providing medical and surgical treatment including laser trabeculoplasty and incisional surgical treatment as well as glaucoma implants.